My name is Susan Seale.   I am a professional educator with expertise in child development and learning through music and movement.   

Join me as I share my latest inspirational interests, creative activities and my thoughts on childhood research-in-action. I'm so glad you're here!  

Who reads Make Me Musical?    
Those of us who nurture children through the arts

  • music therapists
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  • studio teachers
  • general educators
  • ECE educators
  • primary teachers
  • parents

Music & Orff Specialist
As a music & movement Orff specialist and multi-instrumental studio teacher, I work with all ages and abilities, especially babies and children from 1 to 12 years of age. 

Parents and teachers know me for my playful, creative teaching approach and my passion for nurturing children in the early years of their lives.  

Movement Specialist 
I have studied dance, creative movement and developmental therapy techniques for many years.  I have learned to incorporate and experimented with effective ways of involving movement in learning experiences for children.

Musicalia is the music and movement school I founded in Victoria, BC, Canada.  To read more about my education and professional training visit the Musicalia website.
Musicalia is a music school 
created especially for babies and children.
Everyday is filled with music, movement and creativity. 

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