Friday, May 28, 2010

Warning: Music-making may enhance human attachment capabilities!

Music making creates stronger bonds between people.
Stronger non-verbal bonds!  These are bonds with heartstrings.  Attachment that lasts.

Cutting the strings is routine at this time of year for any teacher and I am no exception.
Students grow up and move one. (teachers grow up and move on!)

Yesterday was the last party of the year.  (a bit of a relief because now I am having a bit of a holiday)

This last party was also the last Musicalia party for a creative, talented, fun-living, popcorn-eating bunch of kids, some who've been with me for 10 years. (more than a bit of sad...)

I know we'll keep in touch and I'll hear about their milestones for many years to come (for instance, I'm off to a gr.12 graduation ceremony tonight for a young woman who studied/played with me for 8 years (ages 3-11).

Knowing we'll keep in touch is reassuring but I still feel attached (and sad!)
with a song in my heart - artwork from beautiful!

Beware!  Music making creates stronger bonds between people.
I think it may also create stronger people!

What do you think?

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