Monday, June 28, 2010

"Almost everything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." (Mahatma Gandhi)

Today that reminds of the value of kindness.   Kindness is something I treasure.  

I married my husband because of the kindness that emanated from his being. 

I wanted to be friends with a girl when I was in school because I thought she was kind.  Eventually she became a close friend and more than 30 years later we are still friends.

Children notice kindess.  Most of the kids I know (and I know thousands...) value kindness above wit, money, fashion, nice cars, a big house, the latest sneakers, fancy food or even fun when they see it modelled by the grown-ups in their life.  Grown-ups have a huge influence in this area.  

Be kind to others in front of your children and they will be kind to others when you're not around. 

Kindness was one of the positive attributes modelled to me in my childhood by my mother.   She also modelled things that were much less positive.   Fortunately, what I really remember and feel in my bones is the importance of being kind.  I know that comes from watching her care for my younger, handicapped sister.   This sister was brain damaged from birth and also had cerebral palsy.  She didn't live with us.  She lived in a group home away from our home for most of her life.

The look in my mother's eyes was full of love and kindness when my sister was present.  It didn't matter that her hair wasn't combed, or her clothes weren't matching or tidy, or that she yelled in a really big "outdoor voice" when we were inside a restaurant.  It didn't matter that she couldn't speak and would hit to get attention.  Nothing seemed to matter except responding in kindness.  What an important role model my mother was for me in those years.

Kindness is looked on as insignificant by many.  It doesn't necessarily save a life, make you money or make you smarter or more capable.  It just makes being on the planet with everyone a kinder place to be.

That is valuable to me.


  1. i really have no idea how I found your blog this evening, but I'm glad I did...your last 2 blog entries were spot on; I keep trying to instill these things in my daughter daily and your words struck a note that I am indeed correct and am on the right track...even when she's rolling her eyes at me... I hope that despite my faults she sees the kindness that I do have even when it's hiding...there are those kinda days right?? and I know from experience (but not to the same degree) how far kindness goes when you have a child with "different abilities" son has his struggles, but our house is better with him in our lives. Thank you for grounding me this evening :) maybe it was DIVINE intervention yes??!!

  2. Dear Kate, Thank you for your comment! Divine intervention...I love it! So glad I could be of service:) Hope you come back and visit again.


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