Saturday, August 6, 2011

R U Stylish?

I accidentally downloaded this free app to my iPhone the other night, just before dinner.  It's called Songify.

Songify turns your speech into songs...rhythmic, techie songs...the kind that made us laugh and dance at our house.

While making dinner, you can make some music
My husband sometimes plays with speech as he's making dinner and we laugh at that...but with this app...honestly, the more we recorded and experimented, the harder we laughed at the playbacks.

When I first downloaded it, my husband was not so interested in participating.  I recorded him speaking just the three words he was playing with while making dinner that night
..."R U Stylish?"  (imagine saying it with a British accent).  

The playback with soundtrack stopped him.  He became the musical director after that...

"Okay, you just echo what I'm saying..."  
"Now let's hear it" 
"Can you email it to my friend?"
"Let's do another one"  
"Can you put your iPhone in the speaker so we can really hear it?" 

...yup, that's when the dancing part kicked in...:)

We have a playlist now of silly tunes we made ourselves in seconds...and we can dance to them...truly so much fun!

If you have an iPhone, just go get this app (it's free right now), and have some fun this weekend.  If you don't have an iPhone, go find someone who does and convince them to play with it with you. 

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