Thursday, October 28, 2010

Become involved in a children's music & movement program if you want to...

...nurture your child's language development.
...increase your child's ability to retain knowledge and information.
...nurture your child's inner confidence.
...nurture your child's physical coordination.
...nurture your child's social skills.
...nurture your child's ability to sing.
...nurture your child's ability to play an instrument.

If you want to nurture your child's ability to play three or four instruments then come to Musicalia!

That's what we do at Musicalia...we are multi-instrumentalists in the making.

We play instruments from baby shakers and giant drums and Orff instruments to violins, cellos, pianos, guitars and ukuleles beginning at 18 months of age!  

By age 10 we are able to play many tunes on the violin, guitar, recorder, harmonica.  
We play in ensemble.  We have fun!  

And parents do not have to know how to play any instruments to support their child in this process.


It's always exciting...

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