Saturday, October 30, 2010

Using your whole brain instead of just half a brain.

Did you know that printing (as a non-musical example) primarily uses function from one side of the brain, while cursive writing requires function from BOTH sides of the brain?
I only just learned that.   

I like the idea of using a whole brain.  

You've heard of "use it, or lose it"...well...
I like the idea of supporting our children to live life in such a way that they use whole brains too!  

Music activities prepare the brain for more difficult tasks needed later by preparing the brain to work from both hemispheres. 

For some reason, musical activity requires function from both sides of the brain.  Not all non-musical activities do.   

In fact, studies that look at what parts of the brain are working during different kinds of activity show that playing a musical instrument uses more areas of the brain than almost any other activity. 


Because of this, participation in musical activity helps to train the brain to focus in certain ways.  Music helps the brain to process higher-level thinking.

That means that musically trained bodies and brains result in increased emotional maturity, intellectual capacity, ability to plan and execute a plan.  All great life skills.

Music is a tool to help wire the brain to reach this higher level of thinking. 

When we put instruments in a child’s hands in the early years, we are teaching them an activity that is positive and will last them a lifetime. 

What a wonderful gift to give our children!

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