Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Parties at Musicalia!

Last week was party week at Musicalia!
We celebrated the coming holidays with potluck feasts, instrument play, paperplate skating and dancing with the Northpole.

Some days we played with our favorite gingerbread boy puppets.

Some days the children and their families were greeted with the Orff Orchestra already set up as they entered the room.   Each child and parent would choose an instrument to play and then the storytelling would begin.  We'd get to the end of our story and then we'd all move around the room to find something new to play.  
We'd tell the story again...and again...until it was time to clean up!

Here I am...building excitement for something...

Musicalia classes are complete until January!

Now is the time to relax and enjoy the holidays...like Moka...except he is relaxed ALL the time. 
Everyone's favorite little puppy.

Now if only the rains would stop so our basement at home would stop flooding!
Christmas in Victoria.

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