Sunday, December 5, 2010

Symphony for children

My aunt plays violin with the Victoria Symphony and it's always such a treat to see and hear the symphony now.  

The Victoria Symphony, 2009 picture linked from their website

Not that it wasn't great before but when you know someone performing while you are in the audience, the experience somehow becomes filled with even more anticipation and positive expectation, not to mention all the opportunities to go backstage and take a peek as the performers pack up after the show.

Today the Victoria Symphony is performing a special Christmas show for children .  These performance take place throughout the year and last for 1 hour.  Just perfect for kids.

The event today is The Bear and The Snowman, both stories by Raymond Briggs.  
I have been excited for all the children at my studio who have parents who are taking them to see this show.  I've been hearing about it for weeks!  I think I might have been wishing I was a child and could go to the show too.

This morning at my weekly breakfast with my grandmother, my aunt and uncle show up with a ticket for me to the children's show!  They just tossed it onto the table...wahoo! I go to hear the magic of the symphony bring the magic of Raymond Briggs to life!

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