Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Do you feel grateful for the role certain people have played in your life?  Maybe, you look back and can see how influential someone was in your youth? or when you were having a hard time and needed little extra support?  We all have stories about a personal hero.  I'm sure you do too.

I was invited to contribute to this wonderful free e-book.
this summer.  My contribution (on page 105) is a tribute to my musical hero!

In this book, A Celebration of Personal Heroes, you will find evidence of personal heroes everywhere—people who possess qualities or characteristics we would like to emulate. 

The existence of heroes helps us expand our perceptions about our own limitations and gives us something to aspire to—something every society needs.
Stories in this complimentary eBook include:
“Imagine My Surprise” by Anne Bennett, who expresses gratitude for the New Yorkers on the 9-11 attacks that she witnessed. 
“Job Well Done” by Sabrina Jones, describing the heroism of a single parent and the emotional and physical strength they must possess.
“You’re a Hero Too” by Cat Traywick, inspiring us all that we can make a difference because of the hero within ourselves.
Click the link and have your own copy to read (they're free)!
A Celebration of Personal Heroes


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