Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sing for bliss!

I sing with a choir called CapriCCio Vocal Ensemble.  It's a choir you need to audition for or know someone within the choir who can vouch for your skill and musicality.  

It's not one of those fun community choirs where anyone can join and no one needs to know how to read the music.  Having said that,CapriCCio  is challenging and blissful for me.  I experience little joy singing with the non-auditioned type of choir.  (I don't seem to have this issue with instrumental groups, however...I'm okay playing with mixed levels on instruments for some reason.)

We were sight-singing (that means we were singing from music we had never seen before) our new Christmas concert repertoire the night before last and I can tell you we all sounded stilted and uncoordinated, hitting wrong notes and mispronouncing the French or Latin text.

The director was patient and frustrated at the same time.  He let us know we were not okay!  As choir members we were looking sideways at one another.  Yet, we will figure it all out as we always do and be ready in about a 5 or 6 rehearsals for our public performance just a few days before Christmas.

None of us developed our skill overnight.  We've all been playing music and singing since our younger days.  Some of the members have perfect pitch and are comfortable singing solos.  Some of us do not have perfect pitch and are not all that comfortable singing solos.  We all love to sing in ensemble though.

We all sing for bliss!


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