Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When is it worth the investment to nurture your child's musicality?

Is it worth it?

I think that is the thought that is underneath a parent's questions about a child's ability or seeming non-ability.  How do you know if it's worth it to pay for lessons and give these opportunities when you can't see the result right away?  How do you know if it's worth it if the child is not always performing for you?  What if they are not even particularly joyous about it? Hmmm....

I'm not talking about child prodigies here...children who play at an almost unnaturally high level at a very young age. 
 Mozart playing piano at an adult level and he is only a child.

There definitely are children who seem to have obvious natural talent.  The child is more coordinated with an instrument somehow or the playing seems to "flow"...the playing is not stilted.  It appears that they are "natural".  

In my experience, this just does not predict outcomes years down the road.  Sometimes the child who seems to be working away with less result will one day be the shining star!  And that child grows up to be someone who enjoys playing music beyond childhood.

It's my belief that exposure to music and learning through music are never wasted opportunities.  Children carry in their hearts the joy of making music as children and teenagers.

It's always worth it!

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