Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dreamcatcher Drama (part 3) Invites & Programs!

A Story of Enchantment and Inner gifts
Photo Gallery showing invites and programs!

The invitations were written in a word doc and printed out.  I rolled them into a tube and drew a ribbon of glue on one edge.

Each invite (there were 8) was rolled in a pile of small feathers.

Lots of feathers!  The glue is working:)  Now just a bit of pruning with scissors so the feathers aren't quite so wild.

To complete the invite each one was tied with a hemp string.  A wooden bead was added to each string for a finishing touch.  The invites had an organic, native feel to them.  I would definitely do this again...maybe not right beside my computer keyboard though...much feather dust to deal with after!
I printed out the name of each child's spirit animal and attached it to the invites.  See post 2 of the Dreamcatcher Drama series for more info on how we discovered each child's spirit animal using spirit animal cards.

Parents were intrigued by the labelling and asked questions about it.  This allowed the children to begin explaining a bit of how our show was put together and what their spirit animal had brought them as an inner gift.  Invites went home one week before our show.

What the invites said once they were unwrapped!

The programs were prepared using a word doc template.  Front of program shown.

Back of program shown

Inside program showing.
Photo of the white board in the studio entrance.  It was blank as the children arrived and they requested a quick welcome sign be drawn for parents and siblings to see as they arrived.

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