Sunday, June 26, 2011

When you have your own studio, the work is never really "done"!

My assistant Carolyn taking a time out to flirt with Moka.  Carolyn and I have been working flat out to prepare materials for next September.   Now that spring classes are finished, we were able to set up big tables in the entrance area for her to work away daily compiling music books, creating my theory manipulatives and labelling instruments for the kids in September.  We didn't finish but I had to clear out the entrance for it's yearly clean and the keep-it-fresh-paint-job.

This is Susan's office floor getting a fresh coat of paint.  You can peek through into the wonderful storage area behind the pulled back curtain...see!  It's very full of charts and bins of everything I need to bring music classes to life for young children.  My studio is located in a 100-year old building. I love the space!  It was a dump when we leased the space though and it needed a lot of work.  When we renovated 2 years ago, the main studio space (not pictured) received sub-floors and then it was tiled.  That was not possible for the rest of space!  My budget allowed for painting of floors everywhere else. 

After many "wrong" colors (much to the chagrin of my talented and helpful designer friend) and huge laugh-fests over those mistakes (with the painter), we ended up painting the floors the same color as many of the walls...white!  It's a great modern floor color.  The only drawback is that it needs  fresh coat of paint a couple of times a year.  So last week, Carolyn and I moved all the tables and benches and boxes out of the entrance, hall and out of my office so I could paint the floors.  I completed that this weekend.

This is the empty entrance area with new white floors and a newly painted "barefoot zone" reminder for families as they walk in.  Now all we have to do is move the tables, area rugs, benches and chairs back in!  That's tomorrow's job!

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