Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something new....look over here....

Make Me Musical has a monthly newsletter now!  Look...over the right hand column...there they are...sign up boxes!

I started this blog over a year ago and realized pretty quickly that sharing my experiences and expertise in this way gives me positive energy.   It was energizing to learn how to work the techie part of a blog too.  

Then I discovered there were people out there who found my posts useful or inspiring or interesting.  

The combo of having fun, feeling energized and being appreciated by you, helped me decide to give this blog more space to grow.

In January 
I hired Dream Up Studios to give my site a distinct visual personality.  I loved the process and the colorful, animated result and hired them again to beautify Piano in the Family, (my piano blog).

In March 
I hired the coaching services of Kimberly Sena Moore for an hour.  We spoke about what my next step might be in creating a professional online resource for teachers, therapists and parents.  

Now that my summer has started, 
I have more time to begin the next thing on my support-other-people-journey.  My next project is a monthly newsletter!  I'm excited!  

If you are interested in Orff orchestrations, music and movement games, songs, chants, book reviews, relaxation, self-esteem activity or other resources, then sign up.   

I will send you some creative resources (not found on my blog) each month.  How much fun would that be?

Come join my Newsletter Group!  

Sign up!.....over the right hand column!

or here...on the newsletter page!


  1. Hi Susan

    I had a similar experience in music education in the 1980s...I found a job and they required Orff Level teachers thought i had a dance background...when in reality...I was learning to respond and create with music...I am excited about following your blog. My twitter page has 5 other music ed blogs if you are interested.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I loved my Orff training. It sounds like you did too:) I'm off to Salzburg this summer to study at the Orff Institute for a little more.

    Thanks for your comment and I'm excited you're following too. I'll check out your m.ed blogs on twitter!


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