Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Parachute

 Our parachute just settling its delicate self.

I love my parachute.

It's not the typical institutional parachute that everyone seems to use with children these days.  The typical ones are nice, of course, but I find them too heavy and not versatile enough to use with very young and also sensory-sensitive children.

Ours is a real, old-fashioned silk parachute purchased at an Army & Navy Surplus store.  
  • It's white, 
  • light-weight, 
  • translucent for peeking through,
  • easy to store, 
  • easy to hold and 
  • still strong enough for our uses with young children in class.
I will be sending out the December newsletter soon.  It will list some festive ways we use our parachute at Musicalia.  If you haven't signed up for your own copy of the newsletter, you can do that here!


  1. Susan, I'd love to know what size you purchased. As there is no surplus store in our rural area, I'll be looking n line. So, the more info the better. I'd love to purchase one.

  2. Hi JoAnn,
    I purchased mine over the phone. I called a store in the Seattle area because I couldn't find a surplus store in my area either (Victoria, BC, Canada).

    The person I spoke with was very helpful when I told him what I wanted to use it for. He was the one who suggested a small white one they had at the time (about 12 years ago).

    I am at home as I write I'll measure the parachute when I get to the studio and let you know.

  3. Thanks, Susan. By the way, the parachute ideas in your newsletter are great. If people working with children aren't receiving you newsletter, they should.


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