Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do you hide your creative ideas?

Kandinsky - try interpreting this as a music score!

I've been using modern works of art as stimulus for music-making for over 15 years. 

In fact, didn't know anyone else who did this...until a couple of weeks ago!  I didn't share much of what I did with art...I think because I was a bit afraid of criticism from other teachers.

While studying at the Orff Institute I re-discovered my "tribe"!

First, at the Orff Symposium (held at the Mozarteum) then at the Orff Institute, I met two people who do the EXACT same things with the art that I do! (and I thought I'd made all this weird respond-to-art-stuff up!)

  1. One professor uses the art as a score for beginning violin cool...and I do this too!
  2. The other (Monika Unterholzner, a dance teacher) uses the art to stimulate creative movement ideas for child-created choreography.
  3. I also use it with my baby programs and preschool programs.  We "read" the lines and dots with our fingers tracking along and vocalize. The children LOVE it and the parents think it's so creative.

Read more about creativity at my favorite blog Colour Me Happy.  Maria has some great posts on creativity here and my favorite one



  1. I *love* your idea of using art to inspire music. Actually the Kandinsky above is on the cover of my Prokofiev Sonatas book - my absolute most fave composer in the world!

    I can totally relate. I was super scared of criticism when I first started blogging. But when I realized that it actually helped others get creatively inspired, then all fear was gone =) Love this post, Susan =)

  2. Thanks, Kat:)

    I am beginning to think fear of criticism is a body's way of saying..."you're on the right track!"

  3. Amazing and wonderful concept- really artistic use of the different shapes and sizes.....!!!!!

    Creative Ideas


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