Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whoa...can it ever rain in Salzburg...

So I woke up this morning to hot sunshine in Salzburg.  I thought...yay...I won't need my umbrella or my rain poncho!  What a great day to rent a bike and ride around...again.  So I did.  I ended up back at Nonnberg Abbey...just in case those nuns decided to sing again.  

They didn't while I was there.  I sat for a very long time inside the church just taking in the quiet,
I can't seem to get enough of the beauty of this small church.

...and taking pictures, lighting candles, giving thanks, watching a caretaker beautify the altar...

I thought I'd cycle out to the country again and just as I got into the fields and a beautiful park, dark clouds started moving in.  I turned around and headed back to town because I'd heard the rains could be fierce.  It did rain a bit and just as I returned my bike, the sun came out in all its glory...sigh...

So, I decided to have a cheater-lunch.  I sat under an umbrella outside a café and ordered...
Cappucino...something I NEVER drink...it was a treat!

The fruit made this healthy...right?  There were liqueur-soaked bananas in the bottom...:)  You can't see the chocolate in this photo but it was there.

Just as I was finishing up...I can't believe I ate the whole thing...it suddenly, shockingly began to downpour (and I thought the nuns singing was an act of God!).  
Can you see the raindrops bouncing?  and look way in the distance under the arch...all the people taking cover!

I mean this was a loud deluge, like a torrential-waterfall-downpour!  Within moments I had 4 people under my table umbrella with me (1 waiter and 2 women with open umbrellas).  
These 2 women are actually holding umbrellas and standing under my table umbrella.  They are so close to me I can't get a picture of them!  It made me laugh because the rain was rivulleting off their umbrellas and right onto me, my table, my food...I was soaked just because they were there!

When I looked around, the platz (the place or square) was suddenly emptied of people.   Everyone everywhere seemed to have stopped working, moving...except...this couple at the next table... 
She ate her dessert standing up while the rains drenched everyone.

After about 15 minutes, the rains were less and I bought yet another umbrella...because the one I bought the other day was back at my room.

You can never have too many umbrellas, right?

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