Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good-bye Salzburg!

Our dance class created this score and then we danced it in many different ways!  Monika Unterholzner was our instructor...her classes were wonderful, creative and colorful.
Tonight marked the end of our last day together at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria.  All 138 of us from 32 countries were taking pictures all day long with our instructors and one another.

I won't be able to share many of these images with you as we learned this week why video, audio, etc... were forbidden during our classes.  

My time here has been a wonderful, jam-packed, buffet of music, movement and creativity with my "tribe".  I have much to internalize and eventually share with you...over the next few months!

I'm packing now...excited to have been here and excited to go home.  I will arrive home just in time to celebrate my wedding anniversary! 


  1. LOVE that feeling after an awesome conference or workshop. So glad you got to have fun traveling and get rejuvenated with your tribe!!! All the best~ =)

  2. Thanks, Kat! It was fun and it was rejuvenating.

    Even I can say I've studied at the Orff Institute...or as my husband calls it..."the mothership":)


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