Monday, January 23, 2012

My Movement Display Board

Musicalia's Movement Board

At Musicalia...we move!
There is a dedicated movement board with charts, words, pictures and it changes weekly.

Last week's board looked like this

I have posted charts and a giant metronome made by moi, also movement charts from Nurturing Pathways, Kindermusik, and lists of words inspired by Anne Green Gilbert's "Creative Dance for All Ages".

I have 2 bags of words on my board...a bag of locomotor words and a bag of non-locomotor words just in case I need them for a game.  I also have lists of words posted.

Each week we learn a new movement concept.  I follow Anne Green Gilbert's Creative Dance for All Ages program.  Here we are learning "Body Shapes".

Last week's movement concept was "BODY SHAPES".
First we use our bodies to make each letter "B"  "O"  "D"  "Y"...etc...  I post the words for different shapes with a simple line drawing like this...
Each body shape card has a small drawing to illustrate the word.

The children copied the shapes and created their own shapes with their own bodies.  We copied one another.  We really had to practise symmetrical and asymmetrical until those words made sense.  We had fun creating and improvising partner dances using our bodies to make different shapes.
Bag of strings...give a string to each student and let them play.

We can use string as an inspiration for moving our bodies.  Throw the string in the air and copy the shape it makes when it lands on the floor.

After exploring the concept of "body parts" we're all dancing with some pretty creative moves.  And's time for yoga...

Close up of charts that remind us why we need to move our bodies when we are learning music.

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