Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth Day!
I'm happy it's also Good Friday and a holiday because it means I can spend the day with my husband!  I wrote a blog post about him last week.  He was the founder of Earth Day Canada and the chairman of International Earth Day as well.  

We always have some fun checking out the Earth Day happenings in our town and reading the emails he still receives from people all over the world sending him good wishes for Earth Day.

Today we're planning a relaxed, low-key day with a walk somewhere beautiful with our little dog, Moka.   Whatever, you are celebrating today (I've been celebrating sleeping-in this morning!) have a lovely day:)

I just checked in at  Rachel Rambach's Listen and Learn blog
she has some great videos there for Earth Day music resources!  Check it out:)

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