Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who's in Rabbit's House? An African StoryPlay (part 1)

by Verna Aardema
You can find your own copy at 

One of the programs at Musicalia centers on "Music Around the World".  Each week we travel to a new country or culture or time in history.  These last two weeks we've been in Africa. 

For our last class in Africa we invited the parents and siblings to participate in a play based on an African story called "Who's in Rabbit's House?" 

"Who's in Rabbit's House?"  is a story of how all the animals try to help Rabbit when a bad animal gets into Rabbit's house and he can't get him out.  It's one of those tales where a small creature creates big drama and fear.  In the end, out of all the giant animals in the story it is the smallest animal who saves the day. 

The next post at Make Me Musical I will share with you some simple ideas of how to bring life to an African story using masks, simple props, xylophones, drums and small percussion.

If you don't have this book...get one from Amazon or the library!   

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