Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love the bugs! (part 2)

So we've been Lovin' the Bugs for a few days.  It's a new chant/tune for me this year so I'm trying different things with different ages.

So far...
The 3 and 4 year olds were happy to chat about the Earth and things they could do to celebrate the Earth.   The 2 top ideas seemed to be (1) raise money for the Earth at a sale at preschool (2) play superheroes to save the Earth.  It was not easy to squeeze in the lyrics for either of those and shortened versions just didn't cut it according to their creators.

The 7 & 8 year olds learned the tune on their recorders.  There are only 3 notes for this tune (E,D & G) so it was fast and easy for most of them.  They had fun improvising in G pentatonic with the Orff Orchestra while singing the tune.

Here's a process I think will work for most classrooms and is as far I will be taking Love the Bugs this year.

Set up the Orff Orchestra in G pentatonic.

bars left in...G  A  B  D  E  (take out the Fish and Chips...that means take out the F & C bars)

Processes for All ages 
Preschool (5 steps)
  1. Complete the process from Love the Bugs (part 1).  Part 1 is where we learn the words and add the clapping bit at the end of each line.  We also create extra verses in part one.  If you learn the clapping bit it can be played on shakers or woods during the final performance.
  2. Chant "Earth Day, Earth Day, Earth Day, Earth Day".  It's fun to stomp this too and provides a gross motor activity in this process. 
  3. The preschool ages play any notes as they chant "Earth Day".  They love it.  
  4. They try to concentrate and perform "Earth Day" as I sing the melody or play it on my recorder.  There is much laughter when they can't or I get mixed up and clap in the wrong spot or sing the wrong words.
  5. We haven't tried to add the clapping bit/shaker bit while "Earth Day" is being chanted yet.  Maybe next week!
Ages 5-7

  1. Complete the process as above to learn chant.
  2. The older kids (K/Gr.1) play "Earth Day" as a bordun on G and D, either together or alternating from G to D.  
  3. They also try to concentrate and perform "Earth Day" as I sing the tune or play it on my recorder. 
Ages  7 and older
  1. Complete the process as above to learn chant and clapping bit/shaker bit.
  2. Gr.2 and older learn to play the melody on recorder.
  3. Those who enjoy the recorder part choose to play with me.  Those who wish to play the bordun move to the Orff instruments.  
  4. I assigned "Earth Day" to the alto and bass instruments. 
  5. The soprano and glocks play the "claps" after the words "Love the bugs".   This is a little tricky to write out.  I'm not sure if you can follow what I mean!

Learn the words and the clapping bit (from part 1...see last post)
Learn the Earth Day chant.
Put them together.

Transfer the words to melody and sing it or play on the recorder. (send me an email for a simple mp3 recording of melody)

Transfer the clapping bit to shakers or woods.

Transfer the "Earth Day" ostinato to the Orff Orchestra.

Now...try all these parts at the same time.

In between each verse play a tremelo on the "D" bar and chant,
" you....celebrate.....Earth Day?"

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