Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pianoforte Parachutes (part 4 in the wind whistle series)

Activity # 3 - Waves of Musicality
You need kids (ages 3-1/2-4 years and older), a parachute and a wind whistle.

The last post at Make Me Musical listed Activities #1 and #2 for younger ages.

This wind whistle activity is for preschool ages and older.
  • Spread out the parachute and have all the children hold an edge of the parachute.
  • Start with everyone crouched to the floor and the parachute still and on the floor.
  • Prep the children to respond to "pianissimo", "piano", "mezzoforte" , "forte" and "fortissimo" sounds of the wind whistle with the parachute.
  • Teacher blows very softly (pianissimo) and children move the parachute just slightly.
  • As the wind blows louder, the parachute flies higher and faster.
  • Suddenly stopping the wind may cause the parachute to suddenly collapse to the ground.
  • Older children are generally able to do this response activity without speaking.  The younger ages are unrestrained in their excitement.
  • I like to practise the "no words, no voices" idea as it seems to help children really listen to the whistle and not get swept up into a frenzy with the "forte" wind sounds.
  • Dramatic endings are fun...just suddenly stop.
  • Faded endings are fun too...gradually decrescendo the wind sounds.

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