Monday, October 31, 2011

The Boo! Curtain

Dressing up!
When you work with very small children dressing up at Halloween is not really an option.  There is always one little person that just doesn't like the teacher to look different.  So...I have never dressed up for Halloween at Musicalia...except for this year.  

After 18 Halloween seasons (could Halloween be considered a season?) I am dressing up at the request of my oldest group (ages 8-12).  They meet on Mondays and we're having a big Halloween party this year.

Last week I handed out invitations
I wrote Shakespeare-style then printed them out, rolled them up and placed each one inside a spider ring.  I addressed one for each child, writing each name on a crackly, rotting oak leaf.  The children loved them!
Double, double, toil and burn and cauldron bubble!

It's a busy party!
We will...
  • dance the Harry Potter Dance
  • perform the Dringo Bell creative movement piece (the kids LOVE this), 
  • play Ghost Chickens in the Sky on guitar, 
  • Old Joe Clark on fiddle, 
  • then break into an Old Joe Clark band with fiddle, guitar, cello, singing original halloween verses about Old Joe Clark.  (scare ye well, old joe clark, scare ye well I say)
  • perform Inchworm (what would Halloween be without worms??) as a Boomwhacker Orchestra
  • singing Trolls and Goblins 
  • eat pizza and play Halloween charades
  • bob for poison apples

Last spring at our year-end celebration they asked me to be the "Evil Fairy".  My hairdresser was very helpful in creating the fresh-from-the-forest look.   She will not be available for my Halloween transformation however, so I've been busy gathering bits and pieces for my Scary Old Witch costume.    

There's a big hat, a wig, a dress, a cape, green paint for my face, hands and feet, a long nose, black nail polish and old black fingerless gloves and my Book of Spells & Potions (it a fake book hiding the treats!).    
Book of Spells and Potions

Hahahaha!  Spooky treats...choose carefully.....!
I created an old broom with an long branch from our garden, tying old lavender, moss and twigs to the sweeping end for magical effect!  I love this broom!

Witch Broom

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