Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Love Halloween! (ages 2-5)

Love Halloween!  
(sung to the tune:  Love Somebody)
ages 18 months to 5 years

I love Halloween, yes I do!
I love Halloween, yes I do!
I love Halloween, yes I do!
I love Halloween with you, you, you!

continue singing the song with variations (see below)
*movement variation
*puppet variation

1.  Circle dance.  Gather everyone into a circle and sing the song.
The first round of substitutions are movement words.  

I love to roll, yes I do!, etc...  (we all roll)

2.  After several movement word verses, sing "I love puppets, yes I do!, etc..."
Find your puppets!  I have a big bag full of finger puppets that are perfect for this tune.

We sing the song together as the children are gathering around.  I hoard the puppet bag and take each puppet out one at a time...the children love the suspense.

Each child will come forward for the puppet that most attracts them.  If there is an issue with more than one child wanting a puppet, we have the expectation of sharing...also I have another puppet that is sure to distract when necessary.

puppet verses:
(bat puppet)  I love bats, yes I do!  I love bats, yes I do!  I love bats, yes I do!  I love bats with you, you, you!

(skunk puppet)  I love skunks, yes I do! get the idea:)

3.  We talk about the sounds each puppets makes as they are handed out.
The children seem to naturally take one and then put it down or give it to someone else as the song is sung through many verses. 

4.  We sing a clean-up song as we put the puppets back into the bag.

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