Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Music Teachers Clean the Uncleanable!

I have a Verilux cleaning wand exactly like the one above.

Cleaning and sanitizing is a constant task in a music is in my studio!

There are things that are relatively easy to clean and most of those things (floors, walls, washrooms) are cleaned daily by the cleaning company I hire.  Everything else is on me though.

There are many things in a music studio that are just not so easy to clean and (until recently) next to impossible to disinfect or sanitize.  A couple of years ago I discovered the Verilux UV-C lightwand and it has made this task so much easier!

Now...I just wave my magic wand...and things get cleaner.:)

Believe it or not, this UV-C wand kills germs, viruses and bacteria (think dustmites, influenza, MRSA and E.Coli) on things that can not be washed or are just really difficult to clean frequently. 

I use it to sanitize things like: 
  • jingle bells
  • those lovely organic looking shakers and scrapers from other countries
  • cloth/yarn mallets
  • drum skins
  • my piano keyboards (huge bonus during cold/flu season)
  • computer keyboard
  • cushions
  • scarves
  • buttons on accordians, autoharp
  • strings and board of my melody harps
  • fingerboards on guitars, violins, cello, bows, banjo, ukuleles
  • quick cleaning of previously handled (but not soiled) instruments in between groups (like egg shakers, sticks, sandblocks)
If you are a travelling teacher, music therapist or space is at a premium, I recommend a smaller portable wand that can easily be packed for travel.  I recently learned air pilots and stewards travel with them to clean pillows and mattresses in hotels.

UV-C light has been proven to be a chemical-free method for sanitizing surfaces.  This same light source is apparently used in some hospitals to treat surgical equipment before surgery.

The parents at my studio sometimes ask how I manage to keep everything clean...this is definitely one of the tools I use.

Having your own magic wand is a very cool thing!

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