Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good-bye Musicalia...

Good-bye Musicalia...

It's true
It turns out the new lease for my Musicalia space was going to create an unsustainable workload for me.  I was unable to sign.  These last few months have been a stressful, agonizing time and I have made the decision to close Musicalia. 

May 31 (the end of this month) is the end of Musicalia.  Our last day of classes and celebrations is May 18 and the movers are scheduled the next week.

After 37 years of private teaching, almost 20 years of this amazing Musicalia experience, our community will be less one beautiful music studio.

Florence (age 4) A gift from Florence when she finally understood that she would not be coming to Musicalia next year for music classes because Musicalia is closing.
I cry when I come to work.  I cry when I go home.  And I am exhausted.  I will not be relocating.  I do not anticipate re-opening.  I am essentially giving up my group work.

The week I gave out my letter of closing was the week I had planned to give out next year's registration forms.   I was in the midst of planning a 20 year celebration for Musicalia. 

I had not planned for this to happen so quickly.  The reality of the new lease meant working 7 days a week and much of that on administration...not actual work with children.  It would be a burden and not a joy.  The stress has taken a toll on me.  My husband would like for me to rest for a while.  

I'm deeply distressed that it is entirely because of greed...the owners and their property management company have refused to reason.  They are saying the space is worth so much more because of the improvements I did.  (crying....)  
The space had pretty much been condemned by the municipality and my husband and I brought it all to code with new electrical, walls, flooring, heating and cooling grief is profound.

Looking forward....the parents of the children understand all that has happened and are hoping I will continue private work in their homes.  

I was not expecting the heartfelt, outpouring of love, understanding, sadness (tears have been flowing in every class with moms and dads alike).  I feel like I really did make a difference in their lives with my work, if the distress my leaving is any indication.

This week the "big" kids will celebrate and parents are invited to celebrate with us.  I've stockpiled the kleenex. 
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