Sunday, April 28, 2013

Make Me Musical has moved!

We've moved...are you coming along for the ride???

Make Me Musical has a new home!

We've moved from blogger (here where you are reading) 
to wordpress (HERE).

Blogger has been such a wonderful home for Make Me Musical since 2010!
Thank you, Google!

This move to wordpress has been challenging but I think it's been worth it.   
Once the move is complete it means I will be able to offer more practical tools that can be delivered to you online and that will help you in your work with children.

We've transferred all the old blog posts and I'm getting ready to write new ones at the new site.

Note:  As I write it's the end of April 2013 and while the new site is live, we're still in the final stages of renovation 
(fixing links and formatting and making tweaks).

Planning to be complete by mid-May...but we all know what renovations can be like...

Join us at the new site...
there is a gift for subscribers! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Making a difference in a child's life thru music and movement

It's true!
You really can believe you are making a difference in a child's life by...

...singing to them
...singing with them
...moving with them
...dancing with them
...making body shapes with them
...using silly voices with them
...playing percussion with them
...keeping the beat with them
...changing the words to songs with them
...chanting rhymes and poems with them
...resting and relaxing with them
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