Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Amazing Body Percussion List

The Body Percussion List

What to do with this list?  
I'd play an echo game
  • you clap, they echo your clap
  • you snap, they echo your snap
  • it's an ear/eye training but it's playful...have fun!
  • one day, I'll make a video...and post it in our Growing Grounded Kids Community!  (join us!)

listed in general from high pitches to low pitches
tongue clicks
tongue clacks
full hand clap
2-finger clap
4-finger clap 
hand slide (clap with a slide) 
patschen (tap thighs)
alternate patschen (right leg, left leg)
tap top of hand
tap tummy
tap taut hollow cheeks

rub hands
rub thighs
rub face
rub arms

drag fingers - also try dragging hand upside down
drum fingers on a body part

drag feet
slide feet
hand to foot clap
slap foot

2-foot clap

B/P with a partner
partner clap (clap your partner's hands)
hip bump with a partner

Body Percussion Patterns
in 3 time, 5 time, 7 and 9 time. (a la Keith Terry)

1 = Clap

3 = Clap Chest Chest  (ladies may rather hit their stomach)

5 = Clap Chest Chest Leg Leg

7 = Clap Chest Chest Leg Leg Back of leg Back of leg
9 = Clap Chest Chest Leg Leg Back of leg Back of leg Stamp Stamp 

B/P patterns in 2 time 
(combine for 3, 4, 5, 6 time)

Z = rest

2 time 
clap  clap
snap snap
pat pat
stomp stomp
clap Z
snap Z
pat Z
stomp Z

clap snap
clap stomp
clap pat
Z clap


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

hands-on learning enriches language and motor development

Hands-on Learning  Enriches Language and motor development

Tapping rhythms (check out the body percussion posts) is important because when the hands are activated, there is more effective learning.

I encourage you ALWAYS to us the “hands-on” approach to learning.  

For instance, learning about eighth notes...how much more fun and experiential to walk the eighth notes...walk the quarter notes and then contrast with eighth notes.  Right away, we feel the difference!  

Movement and rhythm stimulate the frontal lobes and enrich language and motor development (Brewer & Campbell, 1991)....so that means move the rhythms you teach.  Find ways to feel the rhythm on your body, with your body, through your feet, using your hands, using a mallet.  

Be creative!!!

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