Praise for Susan, 
her workshops, speaking engagements and personal consultations 

"Excellent workshop.  I only wish my own children could be in your classes.  Very enlightening, with a lot for me to reflect on.  Thanks."  (educators' conference)

"Wish I’d taken the morning workshop too!" (pro-d conference)

"Great info to pass along to parents.  
I wish I had signed up for the pm session for “Listen, Play & Learn”

"I walked away really feeling like I can use everything that Susan showed me, and that the kids will really enjoy themselves." (kindergarten workshop)

"Always knew music was important & fun but didn’t realize how much.  Definitely will apply to some more aspects of my program.  Thank you!!" (early childhood conference)

"Susan – you are wonderful!  I wish every child could have experiences with you.  Thank you for sharing your ideas & experiences.  It sure makes music with children much less daunting." (early childhood conference)

"Very informative, relaxed and entertaining.  Susan kept the group going and made everyone feel comfortable." (teacher workshop)

"We really appreciate your time! I feel like we could have spent hours on the subject! You've got us all thinking more about the importance if music, free play & well-rounded development. What an interesting topic!  Thanks again!" (preschool presentation)

“Thank you very much for bringing music, fun and inspiration to our group.  It was such a pleasure to participate, and I mean really participate, in your informative and affirming presentation.  
Many parents told me how motivated they felt to bring more music into their lives, especially at home.  Other parents really liked the reminder of how important music is to their children’s development, while still others were desperate to know more about your classes (I directed them to your little pamphlet for your phone number!)
  The evening, by all counts, was a complete success.” (Parent Education Coordinator)

“On behalf of the L’Ecole Saseenos School Staff, I would like to commend you for the excellent workshop you gave to our staff on the May 4th Professional Day.  While visiting classes this week I observed several of your strategies being taught.  Once again a special thanks for your energy and expertise.”  (Principal)

“Thank you so very much for spending time with me and sharing your expertise.  You are such a generous person, and have really helped me get off to a great start!  I feel wonderfully equipped to teach with a really great program.  Thank you so much for a wonderful, nurturing & fun learning experience!! (Private consultation)

Musicalia for Teachers Course
 Feedback from participants in the summer courses and year-long courses

"For a person who has little to no music background 
I felt encouraged, inspired and empowered to take on the challenge of teaching music.  
I can't begin to internalize and re-create in my classroom 
every thing that was presented this year but I feel committed to growing musically and hopefully enriching my music program at school due to her support."

"It was the most helpful education course I have ever taken.  
 I appreciated your patience and willingness to make sure 
we all "got it"!   
Your love of music and children was obvious and inspiring.   
Thank you!"

"I was able to use most of the activities immediately in my classroom.     They all worked and my Grade One students and I had fun.   I really appreciated your organization of the material and the clear way you wrote up activities."

"I had fun.   I didn't realize you could make a music class that much fun and sound musical.  The activity that amazed me the most was when you taped us playing instruments and we sounded like a train."

"I now have fun with music and the kids.  This course is extremely worth the expense!  Come in, take off your shoes, clear your voice and be a kid again!"  (Grade three teacher)

"I have already shared and recommended this course to other teachers.  The research and articles support 
all that is presented, which anchors the musical experience in the intellect - an important component of teaching. 
Not only do I have an amazing handbook that provides a complete, holistic music curriculum,  I also have a deeper understanding of why we must do music."  (Kindergarten teacher)    

"Not only idd I learn a lot but I looked forward to trying new thngs.
The material is so well organized and easy to adapt to K-3 programs."  
(Kindergarten/School Administrator) 

"I enjoyed learning a variety of musical activities presented by Susan in such a fine, joyous and professional manner.
This course is what you need if you're committed to brain research where music shines!
It would help teachers that only had a music methods course way back when..."  (Grade two teacher)

"This course is excellent.  It is very good for young primary levels.  It complements what I already do.  An excellent course for all levels of musicianship.  I really like the way it has encouraged and promoted the artist within."  (Kindergarten/music teacher) 

"These activities are useful.  Kids love them.  
I gained enough confidence to make music/movement/instrument activities a two to tree time per week occurrence...plus a daily hello song."  (Pre-school teacher)    

"Even if you don't use the material to teach,  the experience and knowledge gained  from this course is stuff that will inspire you as a person and teacher.  
It has the potential to change your life."    (university student & piano teacher)

"This course is great for classroom teachers.  The course is set out.
It takes the searching-for-material out and puts the fun in!
I've been able to incorporate a lot in to my classes.  It's just what I was looking for!"
(Pre-school music teacher & piano teacher) 

"If I were a classroom teacher I would use all the material I have learned all the time.  This course helps me to organize my session.
I have been able to use these things once a week with the kids and they worked well."
(Sunday school teacher)   

"This course is very practical as well as informative.
You can take the lesson straight from the workshop to the classroom.  Each workshop provides weeks worth of short daily music lessons.  As you go along the use of the material becomes cumulative.  It's quite easy to transfer the techniques learned to fresh material to enrich the music program."
(Grade three teacher) 

"There were lots of practical tips on how to break down a lesson to make learning easier.   Also, what one might expect from various age groups."  (Primary teacher) 

"You will believe you can teach music and have an enjoyable time doing it.  The children will enjoy the class - my class did.
The activities are great and easily doable."  (Grade one teacher) 

"It's the only course you'll need to make music an integral part of your curriculum and to give you the confidence you need - anyone can make music part of their day!"  (Grade One teacher) 

"This 'hands-on' approach to music that integrates elements of art and drama is both infectious and toe-tapping.  You come away with your entire year planend and then some!
I was sorry to see the year come to an end!  A superb course!"
(Kindergarten teacher)   

"I was dazzled by the breadth of musical experiences presented 
and how carefully and systematically they were 
organized and introduced.  
Breaking a music programme into the 5 basic areas of development was so helpful in analyzing the components 
of music education for a 'lay' person!
Although not an expert, I feel by following the program 
I will do justice to my students' music education."  
(Kindergarten teacher)  

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