Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Amazing Body Percussion List

The Body Percussion List

What to do with this list?  
I'd play an echo game
  • you clap, they echo your clap
  • you snap, they echo your snap
  • it's an ear/eye training but it's playful...have fun!
  • one day, I'll make a video...and post it in our Growing Grounded Kids Community!  (join us!)

listed in general from high pitches to low pitches
tongue clicks
tongue clacks
full hand clap
2-finger clap
4-finger clap 
hand slide (clap with a slide) 
patschen (tap thighs)
alternate patschen (right leg, left leg)
tap top of hand
tap tummy
tap taut hollow cheeks

rub hands
rub thighs
rub face
rub arms

drag fingers - also try dragging hand upside down
drum fingers on a body part

drag feet
slide feet
hand to foot clap
slap foot

2-foot clap

B/P with a partner
partner clap (clap your partner's hands)
hip bump with a partner

Body Percussion Patterns
in 3 time, 5 time, 7 and 9 time. (a la Keith Terry)

1 = Clap

3 = Clap Chest Chest  (ladies may rather hit their stomach)

5 = Clap Chest Chest Leg Leg

7 = Clap Chest Chest Leg Leg Back of leg Back of leg
9 = Clap Chest Chest Leg Leg Back of leg Back of leg Stamp Stamp 

B/P patterns in 2 time 
(combine for 3, 4, 5, 6 time)

Z = rest

2 time 
clap  clap
snap snap
pat pat
stomp stomp
clap Z
snap Z
pat Z
stomp Z

clap snap
clap stomp
clap pat
Z clap


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