Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"I didn't even know she could do that!", says her father.

Last week the fire marshall inspected my studio and we found out an emergency light was not working.  Luckily, it's till under warranty and so the electrician came today and replaced it.  

I ask the electrician how his family was doing and he comes to life with excitement about his teenage daughter who is (he recently discovered) a singer.  She secured a lead role in the high school musical this past fall and he had no idea she could sing!

He has done all the electrical work here at the studio and from past conversations it was clear to me he adores his family and supports his children to get involved in activities they enjoy.  He loves music himself and is active in a local Swiss cultural organization.  

He doesn't try to "push" music lessons on his child but he decided after hearing his daughter in such a public venue to invest in voice lessons. 

He is taking an active (pull-out-the-wallet) role in his daughter's music education now.

I don't think he's someone who would pursue reading a blog about music education, yet he is experiencing the joy of letting his child lead the way and just following that child's passion for the arts.  

I'm not necessarily a practioner of "wait and see" if the child has talent or interest.  I know too much about the brain and the development of whole personality to do that.  

I am thrilled for this father and his daughter though.  This story is what I might refer to as "chance discovery".  
It's like a lightbulb suddenly lighting up the place.  Love it!

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