Friday, February 4, 2011

Ta daaaa!

...drum roll please!

Today is the official unveiling of MakeMeMusical's new blog design!

For the last few weeks the awesome DreamTeam at 
Dream Up Studios has been creating a new look for the MakeMeMusical blog.

I love the new design!
Thank you thank you thank you to Dream Up Studios!


  1. It looks AWESOME!!! Congrats, Susan -- enjoy your beautiful new internet home :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel!
    It's pretty exciting for me and it's been a definite learning curve to get here:)

    Thanks for your support and positive feedback.
    All the best with your performance this weekend.

  3. You are very welcome Susan!! I'm glad you are happy with it. It might just be one of my all time favorites :)


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