Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Playing handdrums

You need :)  a class set of hand drums.  

I invested in a large bin of small hand drums (20 drums each about 8 inches across) from Empire Music many years ago.  Now I have a hand drum for each child and each parent in my under 3's program.  And it's soooo much fun!

We play drums to:
1.  explore using our hands in a variety of ways to create a sound on the drum (tickly, rub, scratch)

2.  explore using various words to describe what our hands are doing (scrape, rub, knock, tickle, circle, tiptoe)

3.  explore using the drum in unconventional ways using our imagination (drag, roll, skate, fly, blow, wear it like a hat, eat from your drum, eat your soup, eat your cereal)

Tap, tap, tap your drum
Tap, tap, tap your drum
Tap, tap, tap your drum
and now let's stop!

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