Thursday, January 27, 2011

Freeze Tag! in music class??

In real life:  ages 6-10 years
Tag games are great brain warm-ups to bring the group together, to relax, increase social contact, experience appropriate social connection in game format, build confidence.

Frozen No-Foot Tag
Play tag but there's no running.
Choose a word from the locomotor word list and instead of running, perform the chosen word.   Last week we played 2 kinds of frozen no-foot tag;  tummy tag and slide tag.

Tummy Tag
Preparation:  Whatever rhythm the group is learning to read and perform we write down and "speak" it.  We practise tapping the rhythm on our own bodies and then tap it on everyone.  This prep stage is fun.
Last week we were tapping 4-beat rhythms with sixteenth notes (say "tiki-tiki ta ta ta")
Now the game:
Everyone is on their tummies, dragging themselves around and trying to stay away from the person who is "it".  The "tagger" tries to tag as many people as possible.

If you are tagged you are "frozen".  If the tagger tags everyone and we're all frozen there is a celebration!  Hi-5's!  (and possibly a smartie or a carrot)
It doesn't happen very often though because there is a "unfreeze" variable.

Anyone can unfreeze you by tapping the focus rhythm on your body.  
So, last week if you saw someone "frozen" you dragged yourself over to them and tapped "tiki-tiki ta ta ta".

I usually have rhythmic music playing in the background to keep the energy up and the children moving.

Slide Tag
Just like tummy tag except we sit on our bottoms and slide around the floor.  The kids like this better because it's not as much work as tummy tag.  I like tummy tag because I see a noticeable increase in attention during fine motor activity after we play tummy tag. 

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