Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Musicalia!

Today Musicalia is officially 18 years old!

Way back in 1993, when Musicalia was born, I didn't own a computer or a DVD player or even a TV.  I did have a grand piano and a guitar though!   We still listened to cassette tapes while driving in our cars.  Flat screen TV's were unheard of and I was still teaching in the public schools as a primary grade classroom teacher. 

With the founding of Musicalia Education Services, I began to offer community music classes at the local scout hall and at a local rec center.  I created music programs for non-specialist teachers, travelling to their schools and doing in-service with the entire teaching staff.  I modelled this work directly with their students as well.  It was a scary and exhilarating time.  

Eventually, I resigned from the school district (and the union and regular paychecks) and made the leap back into self-employment and further study.  I travelled all over the world studying with teachers and mentors considered the best in their fields.   In addition to my private teaching I was consulting for school districts locally and providing workshops and speaking nationally.  I had a dream to open a private music school but wasn't sure how I would make that happen.  It did happen though.  

What a gift the whole process has been!
It has shaped my personality in ways I could never have imagined.
There have been many challenges and many successes.
I even walked away from Musicalia for a year only to discover that in my heart I did not want to be away from the children, the parents, the planning, the never-ending, never-ending-ness of it all.
I am still learning.
Sometimes I am still scared.  
Remarkably, I am still exhilarated!

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  1. Congratulations Susan! You have created such an important and amazing music school. Everyday at our house we benefit from the fruits of your labour, as Alex is rocking it out with his guitar.
    With much love and appreciation, all the best to you in 2011!
    xo Joanne and David Hewko


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