Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals for 2011

This morning, 
I was inspired by Maria Killam's post at Colour Me Happy.

Have you ever heard the saying,
"Man makes plans and God laughs!"
Well, I have noticed in my life that I set goals and make plans to reach them and happens.  I have a friend who used to tell me,

"Set your goals in concrete and your plans in sand."  
To me that means, know where you would like to go yet be flexible with how & when you get there.

Susan's goals for 2011
Well...I'm not posting ALL my goals...I don't want to give God too much to laugh about this year!

Goal #1
Continue writing my my blog, clarify my writing voice and actually take an interest in whether there are followers or subscribers.  I wrote this blog without providing a way for people to sign up or follow for more than 6 months.  I wrote it for myself.  A few weeks ago I added the follower option and now I have of them is me!  Writing for a real audience is a powerful, positive motivator.
I'll aim for 100 or more followers/subscribers by the end of 2011.  I have no idea how realistic I'm being!  I guess we'll find out.

Goal #2
Learn to use garageband in effective, inspiring, fun ways.
Become proficient with it's use in my lessons and classes. 

Goal #3
Create my own youtube videos for teachers.
It's been a goal I've had for many years and I've wanted it to compliment the live teacher-training I have done for many years.   I currently know "zip" and would have to learn everything required to make this happen...oh my....  
Maybe I should say "video" instead of "videos".   
This one might depend on how hard God is laughing.

Goal #4
Complete the new Musicalia website. 

Goal #5
Write, publish and make available for sale,
the children's piano, guitar and recorder books I have created.  As they are pretty much already written (by hand), I just have to figure out how to produce them using my music publishing software.  I've already tried this and I'm such a slow learner when it comes to digital anything.
This goal may entail finding a tutor.

Goal #6
Continue to support the charitable music society I was invited to assist with this past year.  It's so new that we're not supposed to talk publicly about it yet.  Shhhh!

Goal #7
Save for our 2012 trip to Ireland.  
My husband was born in Dublin, Ireland and I've always wanted to visit, so we're planning a trip.

Goal #8
Do my yoga routine daily at home.  
I used to do this everyday.  It was lovely.  I liked it.  I feel better just thinking about it.

Goal #9
Play my banjo.
Learn a tune that I can play with my Maestros classes.

Goal #10
Continue with my regular, wonderful classes and lessons at Musicalia.  
Bring joy, creativity, musicality and fun into the lives of all who join me here.  This is ongoing and my main focus and I imagine Musicalia continuing to thrive this year whether or not God is laughing.

Maria gives every year a name.  
This year is her "Year of Expansion" in business, friendships and partnerships.

Mine is  
"The Year God Stopped Laughing and Started Taking Notes" 
"The Year of Calm & Peaceful, Powerful, Prosperous Productivity"

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  1. Laughing is so much fun! Wishing you a great year ahead!
    Quite a fun list....


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