Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everybody snake along....snake until we STOP!

In real Life:  Use with ages 1-4.
Sung to the tune of that old favorite:  Merrily we roll along
Developmental benefits include:  enjoyment (this age group loves a song that requires a sudden stop),  controlling & anticipating start and stop of the body, exploring a variety of locomotor/non-locomotor movements, gross or fine motor focus depending on movement words you choose.

Everybody snake along, snake along, snake along.
Everybody snake along, snake until we STOP!

Everybody roll along, roll along, roll along
Everybody roll along, roll until we STOP!

Everybody growing tall, growing tall, growing tall.
Everybody growing tall, grow until we STOP!

Everybody melting down, melting down, melting down.
Everybody melting down, melt until we STOP!

Everybody flick your head, flick your head, flick your head.
Everybody flick your head, flick until we STOP!

 (If you're in a group make sure everyone is running in the same direction...and using their "traffic eyes"!)
Everybody running fast...

I think you get the idea:) Just substitute words from the locomotor word list.

See you tomorrow with another musical movement time it will be for older kids!

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