Monday, January 30, 2012

9 Reasons to use Body Percussion

Why body percussion?
If you've ever been to an Orff workshop you'll know how integral body percussion is to the learning process.  I was taught (over and over) that you don't need the actual Orff instrumentarium to teach an Orff program.  Body percussion, speech and singing, improvisation and dance were really the foundational building blocks of an Orff program.

In my early days exploring these foundational building blocks I LOVED body percussion.  I used it everywhere and at all times of day in my classroom (I was a classroom teacher then).

If you were to ask me now why use body percussion (B/P) this is what I'd say...

  1. It's fun!
  2. It improves concentration abilities.
  3. Children love to make sounds with body percussion.  
  4. It can be an energetic or emotional release to perform body percussion.
  5. Using body percussion helps children to get inside the rhythm.  
  6. Once a rhythm has been internalized it can be expressed and played on their instruments with more ease.
  7. Playing echo games with body percussion builds a rhythmic vocabulary in the body.
  8. Playing simultaneous mirror games with body percussion improves ability to focus and increases awareness of subtle body movements.
  9. You can use B/P to "conduct" instrument play with non-pitched percussion instruments.
with under 3 years:
  1. use B/P to develop vocabulary for body parts (e.g. say "clap" when you "clap")
  2. use B/P to bring awareness to the body's musical capabilities(e.g. clap a crescendo)
  3. use B/P to build confidence (e.g. when we are all clapping together we create a feeling of fun and community and safety)

with 5 years and older:
  1. use B/P to make texture in music (e.g.  some groups clap while others stomp and snap)
  2. use B/P to learn a rhythm that is later applied to an instrument
  3. use B/P to keep kids moving and interested in learning

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