Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's a Wind Whistle? (part 2)

My favorite wind whistle is made by LP (Latin Percussion).  
You can see by my photo that my whistle is so well-loved the LP logo is almost worn off!

I once misplaced this wind whistle during a studio move.  I didn't worry at the time because I thought I could easily replace it.  No so!  I could not find a replacement LP wind whistle anywhere.  

I ended up ordering a slightly different type of wind whistle and discovered that it made a completely different sound.  I never used it successfully with my classes. 

Thankfully, my trusty LP wind whistle appeared one day.  During my next studio move, I actually packed it in my pocket and not a box to be sure I wouldn't lose track of it.  

Today I'll be using the wind whistle with my Early Orff class (2-3 year olds with parents) as we experience more Little Red Bird magic!

Tomorrow I am going to talk a bit about some other ways I build listening skills with the wind whistle.  Check out yesterday post to read a bit more about wind whistles.


  1. Susan, I am looking high and low for a wind whistle! If you know of any websites that carry them, I would be grateful!!

  2. Hi Mari,
    I will try to track one down for you! I have looked on a couple of my regular sites and no luck yet. I have a couple more places to look and I'll let you know when I find one:)

  3. I found a wind whistle here at Lone Star Percussion.

  4. Dear Susan:My LP wind whistle accidentally was broken recently and have looked everywhere for a replacement but am having no luck. Any other places that you might recommend looking? Greg Allen

    1. Hi Greg,
      I haven't been able to source any wind whistles either...such a drag. If I do find one, I'll let you know:)!


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