Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who's in Rabbit's House (part 4) African masks bring the story to life!

For my use with mostly 6 year olds, I have pre-made masks.  Our class meets once a week for 90 minutes and I have to choose with processes will take our time.  I decided that the dramatic process was most important in this experience so I have pre-made masks and simple set design we use with the story Who's in Rabbit's House by Verna Aardema.

I've posted a huge selection of pictures so you can find ideas for your own or print out mine and copy them for your children.  Close-ups and actions shots included.  Have fun!

The Set
Click the photo to see the image magnified.
A hanging backdrop creates a sense of drama and is easily folded and stored on a shelf after each use.

Rabbit's house is a giant cardboard puppet theatre made out of an old refrigerator box.  It folds for easy storage.  We turn it backwards and use it for Rabbit's House in this story.  "The Long One" is hiding inside.  
Rhino and rabbit in action

The Masks 
Our African masks are made out of cardboard or very heavy weight paper.  They are brightly colored with Mr. Sketch smelly markers.

You can see the eye-holes cut as a half-moon shape on either side of the nose.

Frog mask
Frog mask with eye-holes opened so you can see placement.  I wish I had placed them a little higher up.
Frog in action

Jackal mask
Jackal mask with eye-holes slit onto face.

Leopard mask
Leopard mask with eye-holes slit onto cheeks.

Elephant mask
Elephant mask with eye-holes slit onto cheeks.  Strings are tied through ear/side of cheek on the mask.
Elephant, rhino and rabbit in action.

Rhino mask with horns cut out and tilted up.
Rhino mask with eye-holes slit and folded up.
Rhino mask

The Puppets
The Long One is a large stick puppet

The Lake is a blue blanket taped to 2 sticks.  
One child is chosen to be the lake and waves it about at the appropriate times.

Leopard, Jackal and The Lake in action

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