Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yoga Pretzel Cards in Action

Yoga Pretzel cards come with suggestions for use.
Of course, I didn't read those suggestions.
It was so exciting to just have the cards and start using them with the children.

The yoga cards are sturdy, giant size, illustrated and color-coded into nine sections.
  1. Breathe - tune in and focus
  2. Games - be playful and creative with friends
  3. Balance - feel poised, composed and aligned
  4. Stand - become stable, strong and grounded
  5. Forward Bend - reach, release and flex
  6. Back Bend - be supple, open and trustful
  7. Twist & Stretch - twist, turn and extend
  8. Partner - have fun working together
  9. Time In - unwind, rest and revive
Using the pocket chart
The first thing I did was place some cards into the pocket chart.
The kids came in to the music room, spied the cards and immediately began to try the various poses.
They were well-versed already those 6-8 year olds.

Partner Yoga
I just place the partner cards on the floor and the kids moved with a partner from card to card to try all the poses.  
Sometimes they just watched another partner group and copied the pose.
We encourage copying in movement and music classes.  That's how musicians and dancers learn everything.  They copy!

These are never as popular as the movement ones but it becomes silent and lovely in the room.

Sometimes the kids like to sort and classify the cards when they are all mixed up.

One at a time
Sometimes I just have one card posted on the wall.
It's just there for us for that day.  

The 3 series
Sometimes we put 3 cards out and move from pose to pose during the day.

I encourage you to get your own yoga cards.  The cards just make it easy to bring simple, peaceful movement routines into a classroom. They usually help children to feel more focussed if you need a focus moment:)
See yesterday's post for more info. 
They are wonderful to have on a shelf close by and the illustrations make it easy for non-readers to move thru the poses.

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