Sunday, October 23, 2011

Room on the Broom (part 1 of 2)

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
I discovered this book about 7 years ago.  I turned it into a musical puppet play almost instantly and have been having fun with it every Halloween ever since.

Meet the characters
The Witch
The Cat
The Dog
The Frog
The Bird

The Dragon

Process (I use this process Grade 1 and 2)
1. Read the book and sing the Room on the Broom song with your group!
I adapt the text as I'm reading to the children to include my own version of the "room on the broom" tune.

Throughout the story, the witch has some challenges and meets animals that help her with them.  After helping the witch, each animal asks if there is room on the broom for them.   

Instead of asking the question, we sing the question (D dorian mode)!

Is there any room for me?
Is there any room for me?
On the broom, on the broom,
Is there any room for me?

The witch says, "Yes!" everytime and eventually, the broom is overloaded carrying a witch, a cat, a dog, a frog and a bird. 

The broom is not strong enough and breaks in half.  The animals fall into the bog and the witch has a rumble with the dragon.  

The dragon stalks her, catches her and is about to eat her when the animals come to her rescue.  

The witch rewards them by casting a spell on the broom and transforming it into a modern 5-seater broom that can accommodate all of them.
A modern witch's 5-seater broom!

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

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