Monday, October 24, 2011

Room on the Broom (part 2/2)

Wall chart for Room on the Broom and Dragon Drum Rumble
This is Part 2 of the "Room on the Broom" play. Part 1 is here.
Last post we read the story and heard the song for Room on the Broom.

Today we learn the Dragon Drum Rumble and the Orff Orchestration.

2.  Dragon Drum Rumble (drums and gong)

Wall chart
We are being musical!
  • reading repeat signs
  • reading crescendo and decrescendo
  • playing piano and forte
  • G! = gong
  • blue parts are played by drums (with hands or mallets)

  1. We practise playing crescendo (the dragon coming nearer) and decrescendo (the dragon flying away).
  2. We play the word rhythm on the drums.  ("I am the dragon, mean as can be, etc...)  
3.  Orff Orchestration
We learn as many parts as we can and simplify the ones that are too hard for the group (sometimes we get parents to play those parts).  

Every time an animal asks if there is room on the broom we sing the song and play the instruments.

Room on the Broom - a simple recording of the Orff arrangement

  • CBX - whole note D
  • BX/BM -  D/A bordun  (will you be my friend)
  • AM/AX/SM/SX - alternating D/A bordun
  • I used cello for alternating D/A bordun in the recording
  • GLOCKS - "tings on high D then low D"   (on the word "me" in Is there any room for me?")
  • non-pitched percussion - play on the beat
  • scrapers - play on the word "any" (you'll hear this in the recording)

4.  Choral Speaking!

When the animals rise up out of the bog covered in mud (we use black scarves as mud) and scare away the dragon, this is what they say..."Buzz off!  That's my witch!"  in a forte voice! (Those are the actual words used in the we use them too...some of the kids know the story so if we don't use them...they want to anyway.)

5.  Our modern 5-seater broom

chairs for the witch, the cat and the dog...
...a nest for the bird and a shower for the frog!

More Halloween fun to come tomorrow!

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  1. I'm glad you're incorporating orff instruments into your teaching! They're fun for the kids and also teach them the basics of music instrumentation.

  2. I agree! That's why I incorporate the Orff instrumentarium with every age group...even the babies.


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