Saturday, March 5, 2011

Affirmation and Prayer (part 1 of 2)

If you are someone who loves to hear and use affirmations or are someone who loves to share words of hope and kindness then this is for you! 

I wrote this affirmation when I was asked to join an ongoing therapeutic process.  I was invited to work on a team as the music & movement therapist.   Reading and sharing this were one of several things we did in our initial planning meetings when I first joined the group.  I have removed all reference to client name or gender.  I have also removed any references to God from the affirmation in order to make it more universal.

If you would like the original with the God references, just send me an email and I will be happy to send that version to you.  Tomorrow I'll post the prayer written to accompany this affirmation.

We ask that these words connect us all in our time with child/client’s name.

We are grateful for all the growth and changes seen and unseen in child’s name
including any past experiences that may have been destructive to name.
We are grateful for all his/her past experiences because they are a part of him/her now.
We accept all parts of child’s name; past, present and future.

We are grateful for the past year’s intense work with child’s name
including all the wondering and worry and joy and excitement at his/her progress. 

We picture child’s name as whole and full of love as he/she was created.
We picture his/her mother, father, siblings as whole and full of love as they were created.
We picture this family as connected in a loving spirit both visible and invisible.

We thank you for father’s name and his fathering instinct to plan for child and to search for healing for child’s name.
We thank you for mother’s name and her mothering instinct to search for healing for her child. 
We are grateful for all insight, intuition and instinct to care for parents’ names at this time and acknowledge that care is expressed through our work with him/her beautiful son/daughter, child’s name.

We ask that you express your nourishment through our actions, words and thoughts in all we do with child and parents.

We feel deeply within our bodies and spirits that all that has gone before has been to prepare all of us for this next phase of a joyful miraculous journey.
We relax knowing that all is as it should be at this time.  

We are thankful to be working as one with a miracle mindset with the highest intentions for child’s name.

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