Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! (part 3)

Make Me Musical celebrates spring!

In the Sunday (part 1) post we learned the Spring has Sprung poem.
On Monday (part 2) we added 2 ostinati to perform with the poem.

Today we transfer those ostinati speech parts to percussion.

Spring has sprung
Spring has sprung
The grass is growing green
The sun is shining now and
Birds are seen!

Ostinati chanting:

grass:  "Growing, growing, growing, growing"
birds:  "Here I am!  (sh sh)  Here I am!  (sh sh)
           (sh = rest/no sound)    

Take the grass part "growing, growing" and play it on the drums.
Take the  bird part "here I am!"  and play it on the shakers & scrapers.

Something to think about
Now, you might think it would be a good idea to play the word rhythm of the poem onto a percussion instrument...and it may be but consider this.

A short, rhythmic repeated rhythm like "growing, growing" or "here I am (sh sh)" is a wonderful, relaxing rhythmic/steady beat phrase to play.  The brain enjoys that sort of repetitious performance.  It will create coherence in our brains and hearts.

Phyllis Weikart suggests that, clapping each syllable of a rhythmic poem like this one will fracture the rhythm and set up an incoherence in the brain.  So don't clap the words of the poem.  Instead, chant the poem or sing it as a melody.  

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