Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! (part 1)

Spring has arrived! 
Let's celebrate!
This is a little chant I have used with all ages.

Spring has sprung
Spring has sprung
The grass is growing green
The sun is shining now and
Birds are seen!

Spring has sprung
The grass is growing green
The sun is shining now and 
Flowers are seen!

brainstormed ideas for last line
Tulips are seen!
Worms are seen!
Fishermen are seen!
Baby birds are seen!
A crocus is seen!
Blossoms are seen!
Sandals are seen!

Ages 1-5:  
We sing it over and over while we play beats. 
With the parents and children, together we change the last line of the poem each time to brainstorm all our spring ideas. 

I have a very simple mp3 recording if you'd like to hear the melody.  Just send me an email and I'll forward a copy to you.  

We play beats using any small percussion (drums, shakers, bells and even body percussion).

I love to play beats on the Orff instruments with my classes.
I usually set up them up in C pentatonic before the class. (Leave in the C,D,E,G,A bars and take all the rest out).

Ages: 4-7
Introduce the poem as a chant, instead of a song.
Create a spring drama...whisper (chant) softly and repeat the poem, each time adding more volume until spring is shouting out!   

It's most effective to use small drums to keep beats as we're chanting.

With ages 6 and older, I have them walk the beats as they chant and we use our bodies quite dramatically when we crescendo.

Use the musical terms 
piano (soft) 
crescendo (gradually louder)
forte (loud)

I have a long list of variations on this theme.
I will post more about adding layers of spring in my next post!

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