Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is Susan your teacher?

One of my all time favorite Musicalia stories was told to me by a loving grandmother.

Her little granddaughter was at preschool.   She was almost 4 years old.
She wasn't in her preschool class though, she was waiting by the entrance to the preschool with her music bag in her hand.

While she was waiting, one of the other teachers said, "Why are you standing there?"
"I'm waiting for Grandma." 

"Oh," said the teacher, "Are you going somewhere?"
"We're going to Musicalia."

"Oh," said the teacher, "Is Susan your teacher?"
The little girl looked back at her.   
She said nothing.  
Because she was thinking...

Eventually, she says,  
"No...we don't have a teacher in our class but there's a big kid named Susan!" 

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