Sunday, March 6, 2011

Affirmation and Prayer (part 2 of 2)

Gifts of gratitude and blessings for all involved! 

Yesterday, I shared an affirmation written when I was asked to join an ongoing therapeutic process.  I was invited to work on a team as the music & movement therapist.   There were several things we did initially in our planning meetings when I first joined the group.  Reading and sharing the affirmation posted yesterday and the prayer below in today's post were some of those things.

When I first began working with children and on teams I did not know it was possible to set an intention in this way or to ask for a blessing in my professional work, at least not publicly.  I learned this "on the job" and I pass it on to you now!

Dear _______
(fill in with your focus...God, your creator, universal life force)

We thank you for this opportunity
to feel your powerful, healing, loving,
 intelligent, knowing, peaceful presence
in our work with “child/client’s name”.

We are grateful for our
clear minds, open hearts
and the wholesome feeling of being embodied
in our work at this time.

We ask for blessings for each of our families
so that we are relaxed, happy and
grounded in our home lives during this time.
Thank you.

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