Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drumming Hello in 3/4 time!

I'm glad we're all together!
Every class begins with a physical activity followed by a hello song at Musicalia.  Here is one of the hello songs we've been loving this year.

Ages: 3 and 4 years with parent
We've been using this old favorite tune this term.
  1. To experience 3/4 time 
  2. Welcome each family with a song. 
  3. Remember/learn the names of our class members (sing one child/parent combo of names for each verse  That means we sing the song 9 times at least!)
  4. To explore playing a variety of drums with hands and mallets.
  5. Practise sharing the drums (not always easy!)  Sharing drums is a great experience for children from ages 3 and older. 
  6. Playing and experiencing musical contrasts of piano/forte, presto/adagio, crescendo/decrescendo

I'm glad we're all together, together, together
I'm glad we're all together, to sing and to play
There's Jordan and Jennifer  (child name and parent name)
There's Jordan and Jennifer (child name and parent name)
I'm glad we're all together to sing and to play!

The Process
  1. I lay a blanket on the floor and set up drums all around the edge of the blanket.
  2. Everything from our child-size tympani, to the Remo Floor drums (gathering drums and solo drums), Studio 49 hand drums, lollipop stick drum, native frame drums, and our new favorite the "sun-moon-star" drum.   
  3. The parents and children gather around the edges with the children seated at a drum and parents generally behind or beside to assist their child with whatever drum/mallet they are presented.
  4. We play soft beats to start and then I lead them in singing.  
  5. At the end of each verse we rotate around the blanket to a new drum and sing again.  
  6. Each time we have a new verse I suggest variations (or ask for suggestions) on ways  to change the way we play.  

  • Maybe we'll try to play piano (this is hard)
  • Next verse:  forte
  • Next verse: crescendo from piano to forte
  • Next:  decrescendo from forte to piano (this is the most impressive and is rewarded with applause almost everytime from the parents)
  • Next:  play slowly (adagio)
  • Next: play presto (quickly)
  • Next:  play mf (mezzo-forte medium loud)
  • Next: play pp  (pianissimo as soft as you can)

I usually have more drums than children so we have a few more rotations with different games/songs.  

The kids have fun playing all the different kinds of drums.  They also have an opportunity to explore controlling the dynamic, speed and use of hands or mallets.  We are engaged in bilateral motor development, practising impulse control, sharing, initiating and following a leader.

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